Jul 2020

We’ve all had a very different year to how we had planned at the end of 2019. However, this time has allowed us to step back and look at our product, reflect, and work out exactly what really matters to our customers.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch of our multi-product platform which includes four brand new products. 

Each has been added to the Locum’s Nest flagship digital software, having been developed during these last few months of rapid innovation in healthcare technology. 

The new products are all part of our aim as a company to unlock the market’s potential for tech-led workforce across the whole NHS, and finally solve this age old problem. 

The new workforce solution ensures a completely streamlined process from predicting staffing needs in advance, improving staff engagement, to free on-demand payment to the clinician after the shift is completed, within both hospital Trusts and General Practice.

We truly believe this move will radically transform temporary staffing management, and help those working in our NHS, with the ultimate goal to save it £1.5 billion during the next five years (and for those of you who have followed us or worked with us for a while – yes, this is a trebling of our previous target!). It will ensure every Trust is able to tackle staff shortages in a bespoke manner while saving more, every year.

Connecting clinicians to vacant work via our flagship product ‘Locum’s Nest Match’ is the foundation for all our work. However, the way healthcare organisations will customise their experience with an additional four bespoke products creates a truly unique offering. 

  • Passport Plus creates a central passport for all healthcare professionals and streamlines compliance requirements
  • Intelligence gives HR and Finance teams a whole new level of knowledge and visibility with real-time data, forecasting and benchmarking tools
  • Community enables effective communication between management and the clinical workforce
  • Link seamlessly integrates all core systems such as rostering,  payroll into one function and will continue to bring new features as we keep on bridging all technological gaps

This fully integrated approach covers five key areas and will allow administrative staff, HR professionals, financial directors, Trust managers and clinicians to work together collaboratively as one entity in order to deliver the best possible patient care in the UK.We are so pleased to hear that our end users and partners are already equally excited as us to see these products come to life…

Roger Wilson, Human Resources Director, says, “To be able to predict where hospitals may be low on staff in advance allows for planning that can benefit everyone. Less time is spent filling a shift, which means hours are freed up for overstretched staff to focus on shifts that may be harder to fill.”

Dr.  Katerina Constantinou, a London based GP, says, “Using Community will allow doctors like me to feel part of the wider staffing team and give us the opportunity to positively influence the direction thelocal NHS community takes.“

Dr Amanda Begley, NHS Innovation Accelerator National Director, says, “The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) is incredibly proud of the work Locum’s Nest and Ahmed, a 2020 NIA Fellow, have put into developing a new workforce solution. We look forward to seeing how building on the flagship software, which is supported by the NIA, improves staffing and patient care while bringing more savings to the NHS.”

By listening, talking and working with our existing customers and clinicians to develop solutions to specific needs, we are now finally able to streamline the staff NHS has available, retain them, and work with them to ensure every shift is filled. 

You can discover each of the products here or request to receive additional information here and if you are interested in speaking to our team about any products please speak to contact either of us. 

Locum’s Nest Co-Founders Dr Nicholas Andreou & Dr Ahmed Shahrabani