Allurion Technologies

Boston-area-based Allurion Technologies has developed a non-invasive weight-loss procedure in the form of a swallow-able capsule that expands into a gastric balloon and is filled with 550ml of water once placed in the stomach. The balloon remains in the body for about 4 months and then deflates and ‘passes naturally’. The balloon can be placed by a gastrologist or internist in a few minutes. This procedure substitutes gastric bypass or band surgery, invasive endoscopy and anaesthesia. Patients who used Ellipse lose an average of 15-20% of their total body weight over a five-month timeframe. Creating nutrition and healthy lifestyle plans alongside professional nutritionists are also a key element of the process and are essential to patients having a long-term benefit from the Ellipse program.

In Oman, Allurion is offered in multiple private hospitals and hundreds of patients have been treated to date.

Industry: Medical Devices Headquarters: USA Year Invested: 2017 Visit Website