Dragos was formed in 2013 and has quickly become the industry’s most comprehensive Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cybersecurity technology with powerful asset identification, threat detection, and response capabilities.

The platform provides security teams with unprecedented knowledge of their ICS environments and assets, awareness of the threats and adversaries they face, and the tools to respond to them through step-by-step case management tools and investigation playbooks.

It’s the first product to codify and integrate the knowledge of the industry’s most experienced ICS security experts and an intelligence-driven approach with software technology.

Oman Impact

A more robust cybersecurity system in Oman’s key infrastructure will account for millions worth of savings annually, given the high cost of a security incident, especially ones which target critical infrastructure such as power plants and water desalination plants. Through servicing local clients, this investment will have the potential to create skilled full-time jobs for Omanis, as well as offer knowledge transfer opportunities for cybersecurity graduates and experts in the Sultanate. Critical infrastructure operators in Oman will get a first-hand view of not only their cybersecurity risks, but also the technological developments in this sector; allowing them to test and pioneer these advanced solutions.

IDO Value Add

Through this investment, IDO Investments recognises the opportunity to deploy and strengthen ICS cybersecurity in Oman is vast, and can allow opportunities for training and capacity building of Omani talent in ICS as well as exploring creation of a response centre locally which could potentially serve the region.

Industry: Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions (ICS) Headquarters: USA Year Invested: 2020 Visit Website