Founded in 2016 by three Omani engineers, eMushrif have developed an IoT-enabled student safety surveillance and monitoring solution that transforms regular buses into smart buses, and tracking bands to monitor quarantine compliance tracking of inbound travelers. The solution is currently available in over 500 school buses across Oman, and has tracked thousands of passengers upon entry at Muscat International Airport. The devices are paired with a mobile application, which offers real-time tracking available to school and healthcare admins, with live updates and location. In addition, it also monitors the behavior of bus drivers and can detect any negligent or dangerous signs.

With the onset of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, eMushrif used it’s innovative IoT technology and developed an app which tracks quarantine compliance of inbound travelers, monitoring compliance, vaccination appointment booking, vaccine certificates and more.

The company has recently acquired MyRoute, a Kuwaiti school student monitoring startup and an Egyptian startup Tareeqi, starting its expansion journey across the region.

Industry: IoT Headquarters: Oman Year Invested: 2020 Visit Website