Nibras is a digital oilfield platform (DOF), designed to optimize operations and maintenance of oil and gas assets. Built in-house by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Nibras was spun out and became a product of the newly incorporated company, Innovation Technical Solution LLC (ITS). The platform gathers data by utilizing existing corporate data sources. It integrates them to perform automated analysis and presents the findings through a dashboard that are available to the management for identification of issues in the fields, and for effective planning and utilization of resources, providing them with the opportunity to optimize production processes.

This unique system allows for easier and faster decision making thus resulting in less downtime, and therefore increasing production and revenue.

Oman Impact
With oil and gas being the largest industry in Oman, Nibras is an essential tool in ensuring efficiencies and mitigating losses. Since it was developed in-house, in the largest oil and gas organization, the impact was felt immediately. Nibras is now in the pilot phase in multiple oil development companies outside of MENA, thus promoting Oman as a leader in oil and gas innovation. It also creates jobs for talented Omani’s in the oil and gas fields and allows for nurturing of young Omanis.

IDO Value Add
As a homegrown innovative product with the potential to become an international phenomenon, IDO saw the potential in Nibras immediately, and along with Tanmia, was instrumental in facilitating growth from an in-house product within PDO to a startup with growth potential. IDO also assisted in ensuring that iNNOVATEQ gets the recognition it deserves in local media.

Industry: Energy Headquarters: Oman Year Invested: 2018 Visit Website