Juvenescence Ltd

Juvenescence is a developer of therapeutics designed to increase healthy human longevity. They are building a portfolio of therapeutic assets targeting ageing, regeneration and the diseases of aging. Juvenescence and its portfolio companies use AI and machine learning techniques to discover and develop new drugs. They have established strong partnerships with numerous universities and institutions, most notably The Buck Institute for Research on Ageing.

Oman Impact:
With its portfolio of medical innovators, Juvenessence’s technologies have the impact both the medical and economics of longevity and ageing. There is ongoing discussion on a possible partnership where Oman’s lead thinkers and scientist can have the opportunity for secondments in the various labs and companies. There is also an exclusive event series in Oman of global experts in longevity and create a dialogue on its economic impact locally and globally.

IDO Value Add:
As a strategic investor into Juvenescence, we see mutual potential for Oman to become a hub for longevity. Potential manufacturing, as well as a nurturing ecosystem with the possibility of growth makes Oman the ideal location for Juvenessence to explore further opportunities.

Industry: Medical Technology Headquarters: UK Year Invested: 2019 Visit Website