Locum’s Nest

Locum’s Nest

Locum’s Nest is a web platform and mobile application which allows hospitals to fill vacant locum (also known as temporary staffing) positions internally whilst also providing external locums access to temporary jobs posted by hospitals. Locum’s Nest is focusing on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK which has historically relied on their internal lists of locums and external agencies to fill their temporary shifts at a high cost.

Locum’s Nest offers a better, more cost-effective service in finding suitable locums for hospitals compared to existing agencies. With the current budget strains throughout the medical industry, Locum’s Nest offers an alternative to agencies whilst maintaining the highest level of doctors and medical professionals to hospitals.

Oman Impact
Similar to other medical ecosystems, hospitals in Oman often suffer shortages in staff and require locums. Due to the smaller population and medical offering, specialist locums are not always available to fill in. IDO is facilitating expansion of Locum’s Nest offering to allow Omani hospitals to access UK locums for short clinical placements in Oman. This model will enable knowledge transfer from well-trained UK doctors to local Omani hospitals and doctors, and is currently in the pilot phase.

IDO Value Add
IDO has made possible the expansion of Omani Run Locum’s Nest to the Omani market, thus allowing it to expand past its initial expectation.

Industry: Health IT Headquarters: UK Year Invested: 2017 Visit Website