What is Aphcarios?

Aphcarios Engineering Solutions is a product design and development company that focuses on development of new and innovative electro-mechanical projects. Aphcarios takes ideas from concept through to mass production utilizing the product development process cycle until the last pre-production phase. Their products cut across various sectors and demonstrate innovation in cutting edge technology.

Aphcarios also trains and develops young Omanis and nurtures their talent by helping them pursue their innovative ideas, and allows and enabling environment for exploring those ideas and taking them to production and workable solutions.

Importance for IDO

Since COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, those that progress through the disease may require hospitalization and ventilators, which are not as readily available as required during the spread. In order to prepare for the worst, many start-ups have been developing low cost, fast turnaround medical devices, Aphcarios is doing just that, and helping to lift the burden on the medical system, to ensure all those that need it receive the necessary lifesaving care they deserve.

Aphcarios’ development of lifesaving tools and innovative adaptation of the MIT blueprint made them excellent candidates for the ERIP*.

How Aphcarios is helping alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic

Aphcarios has taken the MIT 3D printed automated ventilator blueprint and used it to design a machine that can be produced locally and with a fast turnaround. This ensures the supply of life saving medical equipment while bypassing the overwhelmed global supply chain. In addition, they will modify the blueprint to include AI technology which will enable continuous learning and optimization.

* Given the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, IDO investments established an Emergency Relief Investment Program (ERIP). The ERIP empowers IDO Investments to execute vital investment opportunities in critical short-time horizons. The motivation and reasoning for invoking the ERIP shall be to drastically speed up the regular investment process to provide short-term assistance to the Sultanate and its people in times of crisis.