OSH – Oman Startup Hub

Oman Startup Hub

What is OSH?

OSH, Oman Startup Hub, is a new platform, that aims to be a resource hub for startups and innovation in Oman. The platform starting point is a webpage that offers an opportunity for startups to showcase their offering, find resources, connect with advisors, and provides an overview of the startup ecosystem. It will also offer supporters a high-level overview of the ecosystem, allow a preview of startups and their needs, as well as a consolidated calendar.

The idea is for OSH is to create a community within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to nurture and help the startups within it to grow, and promote collaboration with supporters. All members of the ecosystem are invited to sign up for free, and create profiles.

The website comprises of interactive pages which provides a look not only into what startups and supporters are currently active in the ecosystem, but all what events take place, what’s the latest news including new investments and acquisitions, and a directory of advisors to allow startups to gain the valuable feedback required to grow.

The heart of the site is also a dynamic ecosystem map which allows users to navigate the supporter ecosystem, and find the support they need regardless of what stage or sector the startup is in. The map is always up to date and allows for growth as more supporters create profiles on the site.

For more information, please visit www.omanstartuphub.om

Importance for IDO Investments

The core of all activities at IDO investments is to support Oman, its growth, development and economy. At the heart of the economy are small businesses and such companies are the main driver of job creation in a nation.

As a growth stage investor in a young and ever evolving startup ecosystem, it is important for us to help the ecosystem grow and provide as much support to the earlier stage startups as possible. IDO Investment does not invest at the early stage of company development, however, with many organizations available that do, we felt creating a platform to connect all investors, supports, startups and all those interested in the ecosystem would create an enabling environment to nourish startups, and create a community hub that is beneficial for Oman.