Sense Labs

Sense Labs

Sense Labs is an energy monitoring device that plugs in to residential distribution boxes and is able to give the consumer in real-time total home intelligence in terms of total energy usage as well as different devices in the house and the energy they are consuming. The application is also increasingly integrating with smart home players such as Nest Labs and Wemo Plugs so that the consumer can have more control as well as visibility of what’s going on in the household. Sense has successfully completed pilots with energy monitoring organization to successfully reduce unnecessary energy consumption within its customer base, by identifying heavy energy consumption from “Always On” devices.

Sense is one of very few energy monitoring devices that has disaggregation capabilities of different devices and is able to get more than a million datapoints per second. It is already working with 30,000 homes across the USA and Canada, and is increasing at a promising rate. Apart from the great potential for energy monitoring, it partners well with solar devices and allows monitoring of solar energy production and use.

Oman Impact
With the push to diversify energy sources, and more awareness on waste and the increased need for efficiency in Omani residential and commercial properties, there is great potential for Sense Labs to be used both locally and regionally. Conversations have already been initiated with major players in the energy space in Oman, who have expressed interest for national integration.

IDO Value Add
IDO have been instrumental in starting a dialogue between Sense Labs and various energy companies, distributors and government bodies to explore the possibilities of distribution in Oman. These discussions have resulted in an opportunity for Sense Labs to adapt their product to an international market, with the pilot occurring in Oman. This further enhances the Sultanates agenda to ensure responsible energy use.

Industry: Energy Monitoring Headquarters: USA Year Invested: 2019 Visit Website