Voltea is a water treatment company which provides water purification products and services, utilizing a novel desalination technology called capacitive de-ionization (CapDI). CapDI is less energy intensive and more efficient than Reverse Osmosis (RO) leading to better efficiency at a lower cost. CapDI is an excellent candidate for industrial applications where large manufacturing companies can reuse their water, thus becoming less reliant on municipal supply. CapDI also effectively removes dissolved salts from water before it is fed into sensitive equipment

Voltea has two main products for two separate markets, industrial (IS Series) and commercial (Di-Use/Entry), allowing maximum market penetration. It currently has distributions across Europe and the USA.

Oman Impact
Voltea commenced operations in Oman in 2018 serving the GCC area and India, via a dedicated representative in Oman. Interest has been promising in Oman and units are in pilot phases in the UAE and Kuwait.

IDO Value Add
With water scarcity becoming a global issue, IDO recognizes the potential global impact of Voltea, and incubates the Voltea representative in the IDO premises. IDO has also offered unique sales opportunities and invaluable guidance, allowing Voltea to expand to the MENA region and beyond, exploring opportunities in India as well.

Industry: Water Technology Headquarters: The Netherlands Year Invested: 2007 Visit Website